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We are an independent record label based in New York City. We believe in long-term artist development and providing our artists with an environment to succeed.

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The latest news articles, including reviews, business, latin, pop, hip-hop, rock, dance and more.

Hipgnosis Songs Picks up The Chainsmokers Catalogue

Just two weeks after buying the rights to 93 songs by hit songwriter Benny Blanco, Hipgnosis Songs has closed another major catalog deal,...


KCON LA 2019 Puts the Spotlight on Rookie K-Pop Acts & Girl Groups

KCON 2019 Los Angeles saw the first U.S. performances of hit K-pop girl groups LOONA and ITZY. Over the weekend, the Los Angeles...


Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Looks to U.K. Top 10 Debut

Taylor Swift’s “Lover” (EMI) could be a stayer in the U.K., where the song is on track to become her 14th top 10...

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