It may be Valentine’s Day, but Charlie Wilson wants you to be his love for more than just one day.

In the accompanying video for his new song, “Forever Valentine,” Wilson plays the role of a wedding singer for the most adoring couple. “One day of the year/ Ain’t enough for my baby/ No, one day just ain’t right,” he sings as the newlyweds sweetly dance and smile at each other. “So will you be mine?/ My forever valentine?/ Come on, baby/ Say you will, and make me the happiest man alive.”

The romantic tune was co-written and co-produced by Bruno Mars, and the duo finished up the track while touring together. “Bruno is a firecracker; high energy like me on the stage,” Wilson recently told Billboard. “We talk about that all the time as we have a lot of admiration and respect for each other. It’s a beautiful thing when two people have that kind of connection. Nothing but great things can come of that.”

Celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day (and every day) with Wilson’s “Forever Valentine” below.