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Mobb Deep’s Murda Muzik: The 1999 SPIN Review

This review originally appeared in the November 1999 issue of SPIN. In honor of the album’s 20th anniversary, we’re republishing it here. “Take these words home and think it through / Or the next rhyme I wrote might be about you.” It’s MC menace at it’s most succinct: Why show the chrome when a well-phrased rhyme...

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Jane’s Addiction: SPIN’s 1991 Cover Story

This article originally appeared in the June 1991 issue of SPIN. Jane’s Addiction walks out and begins “Up the Beach,” the opening track from Nothing’s Shocking, the band’s second album. The lean, bare torsos of Dave Navarro and Eric Avery are shining softly; their heads down, hung with guitars—radiating heat in an Amsterdam club called Paradiso....

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Boyz N the Hood: SPIN’s 1991 John Singleton Interview, ‘Boyz on Film’

This article originally appeared in the August 1991 issue of SPIN. John Singleton’s like a kid in a candy store. The neophyte auteur is stalking a Los Angeles mall with a sense of purpose. “I got to have that,” he mutters at frequent intervals, filling his shopping cart with copies of Jaws, Annie Hall, the...

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South Park: Psychological Profiles of Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny From SPIN’s 1998 Cover Feature

For our March 1998 cover, SPIN dedicated a number of features, interviews, and essays around South Park ahead of the show’s second season. In honor of the 20th anniversary of the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, we’re reprinting a number of pieces about the infamously potty-mouthed and politically incorrect cartoon here. In retrospect, perhaps psychological...

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‘Welcome to South Park, Fat-Ass’: SPIN’s March 1998 Cover Feature

This piece originally appeared in SPIN’s March 1998 issue. In honor of the 20th anniversary of South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, we’re republishing it here. Here’s how it works in the post-Simpsons era. The tremors start at coffee shops, movie queues, dorm rooms: young people talking in bizarre pinched voices. Goateed cashiers spouting off-color catchphrases. Strange little...

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Guided By Voices’ Bee Thousand: The 1994 SPIN Review

This review originally appeared in SPIN’s July 1994 issue. In honor of Bee Thousand’s 25th anniversary, we’re republishing it here. It’s no secret that some of the chattiest songs crafted in recent years have been tossed off nonchalantly by bands who wouldn’t know George Martin from Wink Martindale. Haphazardly recorded, full of as much snap and crackle as...

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Guided By Voices: Our 1994 Interview, ‘The Basement Tapes’

This article originally appeared in the July 1994 issue of Spin. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of their landmark album Bee Thousand, we’re republishing it here. “We’re rock enthusiasts,” declares Guided By Voices frontman Robert Pollard on his way to a nearby watering hole. “Just give me a great song, man. That’s all I ask.”...

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The “Bitch” Is Back: Missy Elliott Talks Da Real World in SPIN’s 1999 Profile

This story originally appeared in SPIN’s July 1999 issue. In honor of Da Real World’s 20th anniversary, we’re republishing it here. Celebrities may be different from the rest of us, but beneath their socks, they, too, have ugly feet. Which brings Missy Elliott to the funky, downtown New York nail salon Rescue. Sandal weather is...

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Helmet’s Betty: The 1994 SPIN Review

This review originally appeared in SPIN’s August 1994 issue. In honor of Betty’s 25th anniversary, we’re republishing it here. To borrow the old joke, Helmet has one song, and they play it over and over again. It’s a good song, as sonic assaults go—a rumbling, bottom-heavy groove that lays jagged Metallica-meets-Big Black riffing over a stormtrooper...

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Helmet: SPIN’s 1994 Interview, Ride the Wild Riff

This story originally appeared in the September 1994 issue. In honor of Betty’s 25th anniversary, we’re republishing  the interview here. “It’s Pa-age,” says the doormen, sounding uncomfortably close to some hideous character played by Pauly Shore. “Page Ha–milton.” The doorguy comes out from behind his desk and starts to follow us out. “Rock’n’roll tonight, dude?” he asks. Hamilton,...

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