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Why Soundgarden Thought Being Compared to Led Zeppelin Was “a Thorn” in Their Side

Soundgarden was nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the first time on October 15. In celebration of this honor, we are republishing this early feature with Soundgarden, which originally appeared in the December 1989 issue of SPIN. They’re Axl’s favorite band, one of the 150 or so that Ian Astbury loves and hopes to produce, and...

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Why Joan Jett Thought Rush Were “Assholes”

This article originally appeared in the May 1987 issue of SPIN. There is a lot of kindness and compassion in rock ‘n’ roll.That may sound strange, but it’s true.—Kim Fowley, former manager of Joan Jett and the Runaways Twenty degrees and ice everywhere you look and Joan Jett is sitting on the steps of her...

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Remember That Time ‘South Park’ Made Fun of an Overly Sensitive Music Publication?

This story was originally published on October 9, 2014. In case you haven’t heard, SPIN was featured prominently in a 2014 episode of South Park. Normally, we’d be honored to appear in South Park — in a way, we still kinda are — but we probably would’ve rather it happened under different circumstances. We wrote a post...

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The 35 Greatest Rock and Roll TV Moments Before the ’90s

A version of this article originally appeared in the August 1990 issue of SPIN. 1. January 28, 1956:Elvis Presley appeared on the Dorsey Brothers Stage Show. Quincy Jones: “If you want to know the exact moment that rock’n’roll started, it was right then.” 2. April 3, 1956:Elvis Presley appeared on The Milton Berle Show. Filmed aboard...

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Why Johnny Ramone Thought Lou Reed Was a Jerk

This article originally appeared in the August 1986 issue of SPIN. It was one of those humid summer days in 1979 when the air on the Bowery was filled with the foul odor of week-old garbage. A horribly muggy day that promised to kill off everyone in New York City. The Ramones were happy to...

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Here’s How Hunter S. Thompson Tried to Get on Our Cover

This article originally appeared in the May 1986 issue of SPIN. “Huge brains, small necks, weak muscles, and fat wallets—these are the dominant characteristics of the ’80s—the generation of swine.”—Hunter S. Thompson That’s the way Hunter Thompson sees the pursuers of Ronald Reagan’s American dream—a collage of funless, greedy little people in a dollar-bill-green world....

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Smashing Pumpkins’ Pisces Iscariot Is Thrill-Free for Casual Listeners

This review of Pisces Iscariot originally appeared in the November 1994 issue of SPIN. We’re republishing it in honor of the album’s 25th anniversary on October 4. Rating: Whoa! Slow down, pal! This album is pretty good, but you can’t buy everything in the store. Can you? As a source of possibly unintended hilarity, Great Pumpkin Billy Corgan rarely...

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The Cranberries’ No Need to Argue Hits the G-Spot With a Few Songs

This review of ‘No Need to Argue’ originally appeared in the November 1994 issue of SPIN. In celebration of the album’s 25th anniversary on October 3, we are republishing it now. Rating: Whoa! Slow down, pal! This album is pretty good, but you can’t buy everything in the store. Can you? Oh, Dolores. Was ever a singer more...

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The Runaway Greenhouse Effect: Our 1988 Feature on Climate Change

This article originally appeared in SPIN’s December 1988 issue. As the northern hemisphere enters winter, thoughts turn to the summer ahead—sunny beaches, cool oceans, an afternoon thunderstorm on the plains. But scientists now have little doubt that the future holds none of these—that our summers will become hotter and hotter, our beaches deadly cancer zones,...

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