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Yandel & Rapeton Founder El Guru Launch New Artist Development Venture

“I’ve been following Angel’s growth for several years,” says Yandel, whose real name is Llandel Veguilla. “I think he’s a natural A&R who truly wants to help new artists. I’m 100% convinced that with my record label, I can contribute to grow this Rapeton Approved, an idea Angel has been working on since 2016.” Y...

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Bravado CEO Mat Vlasic Resigns

Vlasic has run Bravado since 2016, joining the company from Sony Music Entertainment, where he founded and oversaw the company’s global consumer products and artist merchandise division. Bravado handles most of UMG’s major acts, including Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and Eminem, and in 2019 revenue grew 79% to reach reached 489 million euros ($578 million...

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Billie Eilish’s Livestream Team: Who’s Onboard & Why They Have a Leg Up On the Competition

THE PLATFORM: MAESTRO Founded by Ari Evans in 2015, Maestro is a white-label, direct-to-consumer service which allows clients to easily build custom livestream experiences and host those events on the website of their choosing. Unlike platforms like Twitch and BeApp, which position the platform as a destination of its own, Maestro exists purely at the...

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Universal Music Group Is Still Growing in the Pandemic: Third-Quarter Earnings Breakdown

And there’s even more good news for Vivendi investors, as UMG’s parent says it plans to hold a public stock offering for the leading music company sometime in 2022. At this point it’s unclear how much Vivendi will sell, but it’s possible it will take the same route as Access Industries did when it took...

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Andrea Nelson Meigs Joins UTA as Partner

“Andrea is known for her keen eye for developing and amplifying extraordinary voices,” said agency co-president David Kramer. “In addition to her outstanding work on behalf of today’s most respected artists, she is a true leader who has made lasting contributions to the industry at large. We know that she will bring a vital perspective...

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Zhu Sued for $3.5 Million by Collaborator David Dann in Commissions Spat

Dann alleges that during this time, Zhu presented Dann with, as the complaint describes, “a melody for what would later become the topline for a song called ‘Faded.’ Plaintiff believed the topline had great potential and agreed to work on the song with Zhu. Plaintiff and Zhu finished the song ‘Faded’ and released it on...

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Event Designer Bobby Garza in Austin, in a Pandemic: ‘I Hope We Get Smarter About the Things We’re Doing’

You mentioned you had some news to share about your contract work with the Long Center in Austin. I do. The Long Center’s announcing a collaborative partnership with Luck Reunion — Willie Nelson‘s property in Luck, Texas, which has started a series of shows around South by Southwest and they’ve got a film crew that’s...

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Executive of the Week: 12Tone Music’s Steve Bartels

Here, Bartels speaks about the rollout and successes for both Nectar and A Holly Dolly Christmas, 12Tone’s ability to push a variety of different types of artists and projects at the same time and how 12Tone has “built a nimble, modern, forward-facing company, where titles are left at the door and we all work together...

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Residente and Sony Music Launch TV & Film Production Joint Venture

A passionate filmmaker who studied at Georgia’s Savannah College of Art and Design, Residente will spearhead all creative aspects of the partnership and focus on both properly representing cultural narratives on-screen — including Latinx stories — as well as representation behind the scenes. He will also collaborate with an international creative consortium that includes writers,...

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Really Want to Rock the Vote? Try Volunteering (Guest Column)

Since then, I’ve been spending many late East Coast evenings doing volunteer work for the campaign call crew. The call crew is made up of tens of thousands of citizens from all over the country who call into swing states to track down voters, find out who they are voting for and encourage them to...

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