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Country’s New Kids Are Back On the Block, and Headed to Radio

Meanwhile, Warner Music Nashville artist Shy Carter has launched a socially distanced radio promotion tour, a marketing step that frequently precedes an artist’s debut on the airwaves. It is, perhaps, a sign that record labels and their radio partners are finally feeling a sense of adjusted normalcy after a lengthy period of professional turmoil and...

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Scooter Braun Now Has a Spotify Podcast Deal, Too

“As an early investor in Spotify many years ago,” comments Braun, “we’ve collaborated closely with the entire team and have watched as they continue to trailblaze the industry. We look forward to creating some incredible shows and couldn’t have picked a better series to kick things off than with Country Shine with Graham Bunn. Graham...

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Universal Music Group Is Still Growing in the Pandemic: Third-Quarter Earnings Breakdown

And there’s even more good news for Vivendi investors, as UMG’s parent says it plans to hold a public stock offering for the leading music company sometime in 2022. At this point it’s unclear how much Vivendi will sell, but it’s possible it will take the same route as Access Industries did when it took...

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TikTok’s Timely Rise in Country Music: ‘We’re All Looking for That Connection’

Hamilton is just the latest entry in the emergence of TikTok as an artist development and A&R tool for the mainstream country music business. Warner Music Nashville (WMN) announced the signing of Robyn Ottolini on Oct. 8 as her breakup song “F-150” helped her reach the top three on Rolling Stone‘s all-genre Trending 25 chart. And three artists — SarahBeth Taite, Andrew...

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Makin’ Tracks: Miranda Lambert Crafts a Through-Line From ‘Bluebird’ To ‘Settling Down’

Indeed. While “Bluebird” uses a fine feathered friend for its title, the chorus of “Settling Down” launches with its own fowl language: “I’m a wild child and a homing pigeon.” “It’s funny how a winged creature comes one day in one form,” says Dick, “another day in the form of hope.” The two songs also...

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Veteran Agents Use Profit-Sharing Model to Launch Arrival Artists

Arrival Artists is the latest project to emerge optimistic as the COVID-19 pandemic pummels the live music industry and brings major music agencies to a standstill. But the disruption to the business also provides a moment to reflect on the limitations within the current agency business and to also develop new models that could potentially...

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Justice Dept. to File Landmark Antitrust Case Against Google

The case is expected to be filed in federal court in Washington, D.C., and will allege it has been abusing its online dominance in online search to stifle competition and harm consumers, the person familiar with the matter told the AP. It will also allege that Google uses billions collected from advertisers to pay phone...

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ICM Partners Taps Julia Johnson as General Counsel

ICM pledged to reach 50-50 gender parity by the year 2020, with an emphasis on the leadership ranks, in Dec. 2017. Johnson replaces longtime ICM general counsel Rick Levy, who announced earlier this year he would be leaving the agency by the end of the year. “We did a long and thorough search to fill this vitally...

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Semmel Concerts Postpones Hans Zimmer European Tour to 2022

Zimmer, in a statement, said “we are all convinced that this is the only way to offer you, as well as us, a great and safe live tour for everyone.” Germany, like other European countries, has suffered a fresh wave of COVID-19 cases over the past few weeks that have led to new lockdown measures...

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Iconic Hitmakers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis to Release Debut Album as Artists

In announcing their next project, Jam said: “BMG immediately got our vision and understood where we wanted to go with this album. There was real mutual respect. We’ve found the perfect partner to kick off this next era and finally deliver our first record to the world.” The forthcoming record will feature “iconic collaborations spanning...

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