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The Strokes to Rock the Vote for Bernie Sanders at New Hampshire Rally

Another band is stepping up to throw their support behind Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. The Vermont senator’s campaign announced on January 29 that The Strokes will be playing Sanders’ Get Out the Vote concert rally on February 10 in Durham, New Hampshire. “We are honored to be associated with such a dedicated, diligent, and trustworthy...

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Mick Jagger Plays a Sinister Art Dealer in The Burnt Orange Heresy Trailer: Watch

Mick Jagger is acting again, which anyone who has seen the 1992 cyberpunk mess Freejack will admit is a brave move on the Rolling Stones frontman’s part. Jagger’s most recent silver screen foray entails him playing Joseph Cassidy, a sinister art dealer who may or may not be in league with the devil in the neo-noir...

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Mike Pence Looks Upset After Prince Charles Refuses to Shake His Hand

A viral video making the rounds appears to show Prince Charles completely big timing Mike Pence by refusing to shake his hand while greeting a receiving line of dignitaries at the World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem on Thursday, January 23. Now, I’m not one to cheerlead any monarchy in this, the second decade of the...

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Donald Trump Doesn’t Think Brain Injuries Suffered by Troops Are Serious

President Donald Trump isn’t particularly worried about troops who might be suffering symptoms of potential brain injuries they might have incurred during active combat. At least, that’s what he told reporters during a presser at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Wednesday, January 22. The president offered his expert medical opinion amid questions...

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Donald Trump Doesn’t Seem to Know What Happened at Pearl Harbor, According to New Book

Do we need another book to tell us what we already know about how President Donald Trump is a legendary dumbass unfit to execute his duties as leader of the free world? Probably not. Are we getting one? Yes. Did I pre-order it like an absolute schmuck? Also yes. I am as God made me. The...

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Beastie Boys Doc Directed by Spike Jonze Coming to Apple TV+

A documentary about the Beastie Boys is coming to Apple’s film and television streaming service Apple TV+, the company announced today. The group’s longtime collaborator Spike Jonze directs what a press release describes as “an intimate, personal story of their band and 40 years of friendship.” The doc will presumably cover similar ground as surviving Beastie Boys...

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Tool Seem Pretty Stoked to Be a Jeopardy! Question

January 14, 2020, was a huge day for people hoping to one day hear the words “Maynard James Keenan” exit Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek’s mouth. The Jeopardy! answer referencing Tool’s 2019 album Fear Inoculum appeared during the long-running game show’s “Greatest of All Time” champions tournament, and was answered correctly by contestant James Holzhauer. (Fans...

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Who Won the First Democratic Presidential Debate of 2020?

Round seven of the seemingly endless Democratic debates, was held January 14 at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. This was the last Democratic presidential debate scheduled before the Iowa caucuses kick off on February 3. The evening’s debate was produced in partnership between CNN and The Des Moines Register, and was moderated by CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer,...

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Donald Trump Slurs and Snorts Through Speech About Iranian Missile Strike

President Donald Trump addressed the nation Wednesday morning after Iran launched a missile attack on two military bases hosting American troops in Iraq, in retaliation for the president’s targeted drone strike against Quds Force leader Qassem Soleimani. In his address, the president threatened to invoke severe sanctions against Iran, but seemed amenable to deescalating the burgeoning military aggression....

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Elizabeth Warren Wisely Ignores Meghan McCain While Explaining Wealth Tax

Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren stopped by the manicured thunderdome known as The View on Tuesday (January 6) to field questions about impeachment, President Donald Trump’s drone strike on Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, and Warren’s policy platform. One of the policies Warren was eager to discuss was her wealth tax, which entails taxing wealthy people...

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