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Madeon Opens Up About Mental Health With Uplifting Musical Pep Talk ‘Be Fine’

French producer Madeon is really pushing himself to expand his sonic universe. His forthcoming sophomore LP, Good Faith, sees him singing, songwriting and composing broad-stroke synth-pop fit to soar on radio or uplift audiences at festivals worldwide. He’s truly feeling himself out as a creative and opening himself up in new ways he never thought imaginable, but...

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Ducky Announces New EP ‘Optimism,’ Shares Blood-Pumping Single ‘Stable Heart’: Exclusive

Vulnerability is scary, but when we choose to open ourselves to new people and experiences, we’re often rewarded with true growth and opportunity. Butterflies in the stomach is the first sign you’re on an exciting path, and for cartoon-loving, singer-songwriter and producer Ducky, that special moment comes together on a powerful new EP, aptly-titled Optimism. The...

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Watch Loud Luxury Party With Bryce Vine in the New Video for ‘I’m Not Alright’

It was the sage Coolio who once noted that there ain’t no party like a West Coast party, and on Tuesday (Oct. 15), Los Angeles-based duo Loud Luxury and Los Angeles-based singer/rapper Bryce Vine are reiterating that wisdom with the new video for their July single “I’m Not Alright.” The clip is set at a big-ass LA house party, complete with...

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Zedd ‘Permanently Banned’ From China for Liking a ‘South Park’ Tweet

Popular DJ Zedd has been permanently banned from China because he liked a post from the South Park Twitter account.  Born Anton Zaslavski, the Russian-German DJ and music producer made the announcement via social media. He has 8.1 million followers on Twitter alone.  “I just got permanently banned from China because I liked a @SouthPark tweet,” Zedd...

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First Spin: The Week’s Best New Dance Tracks From Alok, Meduza, Miami Horror & More

New Music Friday is intense. Hundreds of songs drop from artists around the world, and you’re supposed to somehow find the best ones. It’s fun work, but it’s time-consuming — so we at Billboard Dance want to give you a hand. Each week, we sift through the streams and dig into the digital crates to present absolute must-hears from the wide breadth...

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Active Child Dedicates Lush, Cinematic ‘Set Me Free’ To His Daughter: Exclusive

There is no life event more beautifully disorienting than having a child. It changes your life forever and brings your own mortality into new light. Children represent the future potential and legacy, and they are often one of the most inspiring moments in an artist’s life.  Multi-instumentalist producer Active Child, (born Patrick Grossi), and his partner recently welcomed a...

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What’s the Hottest Part Of DJ Snake, Sean Paul and Anitta’s ‘Fuego’ Video? Watch and Decide

Given the white hot nature of the artists involved, it should surprise no one that the new video for DJ Snake, Sean Paul and Anitta‘s “Fuego (Feat. Tainy)” is both literal and figurative fire.  Out today (October 10), the video takes place in a sort of fun house, where the beats are bumping and the...

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Phantogram’s ‘In a Spiral’ Is a Psychedelic, Beat-Heavy Tornado: Listen

The year of the Phantogram continues as Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter drop a real head knocker. “In a Spiral” is a ride through a neon desert on a glitchy horse, a psychdelic soundtrack for the urban cowboy in all of us. It follows previously released singles “Into Happiness” and “Mister Impossible,” but seriously ups the...

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Rüfüs Du Sol Demonstrate Their Sonic Depth & Mass Popularity for a Crowd of 21,000 in Los Angeles

“This is the biggest headlining show we’ve ever played — thank you for making this happen,” Rüfüs du Sol lead singer Tyrone Lindqvist announced to a sold-out crowd at the Los Angeles State Historic Park on Saturday night. The amazement in his voice was visceral — a humble expression of gratitude from the Australian trio who now...

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Wynn Nightlife Announces New Winter Daytime Party Series ‘Intermission’: Exclusive

The event will feature Pete Tong, Rüfüs Du Sol, Claptone & more. As Las Vegas continues its pivot to “underground” dance music, Wynn Nightlife is announcing a new off-season day party, Intermission, stacked with artists from this genre. Beginning Oct. 26 and taking place from 2 to 10 p.m. every Saturday through Dec. 14, Intermission will feature performances...

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