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Celebrities React to Donald Trump’s Town Hall

President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden appeared in dueling town halls on Thursday night (Oct. 15), airing simultaneously on NBC and ABC, respectively. The town halls come in place of the second presidential debate, which was canceled after Donald Trump refused to participate virtually following his battle with COVID-19. “I’m not going to waste my time,” he told Fox News.

Kanye West Sends Prayers to President Trump and First Lady After COVID-19 Diagnosis

Kanye West is sending positive vibes to President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump as they undergo treatment for COVID-19. West, who is running against Trump in the upcoming presidential election, took to Twitter on Saturday morning (Oct. 3) to express his concern for the president and first lady after news broke early Friday...

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TikTok Asks Judge to Stop Trump Ban

TikTok has asked a federal court to stop Donald Trump’s ban of the social video app as it works to complete a deal that will meet government approval. The motion for a preliminary injunction was filed Wednesday (Sept. 23) in Washington, D.C., after a suit came on Friday. (A similar case brought in California was...

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Vamos a Votar: Could Latin Musicians and Their Fans Swing the US Election?

Musicians are busy trying to reach prospective voters — especially Latin ones. Will they be able to rock the vote? In August, when Prince Royce performed “Stand by Me” at the Democratic National Convention and Bad Bunny’s “Pero Ya No” soundtracked a Joe Biden campaign ad, it wasn’t just more evidence of Latin artists hitting...

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Before Taking Trump Campaign Rally Stage, Kid Rock Reveals He’s Planning ‘One Last Monster Tour’

It’s no secret that Kid Rock is an ardent supporter of Donald Trump, and on Monday (Sept. 14), the rock-rapper hit the campaign trail for the president. Performing at a rally just outside his hometown of Detroit, the star ran through a number of his hits — including “All Summer Long” — while aboard a...

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Department of Justice Argues TikTok Employee Can’t Stop Trump’s ByteDance Ban

The Department of Justice argues a TikTok employee’s fear that the executive order banning transactions with Beijing-based parent ByteDance will keep him from getting paid isn’t enough to warrant a temporary restraining order that would keep the Department of Commerce from enforcing it. President Donald Trump on Aug. 6 issued an order that would bar...

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Rosanne Cash: It’s ‘Not Right’ When Politicians Use Songs Without Permission

Cash made the comments during a discussion at an online music law conference hosted by the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property. As the presidential race heats up, Rosanne Cash says politicians have no right to use an artist’s songs to promote their campaigns without permission. Cash’s comments come on the heels of the...

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The Animals’ Eric Burdon Had the Perfect Response to Trump Using ‘House of the Rising Sun’

Former Animals singer Eric Burdon had the perfect response to President Donald Trump using one of band’s classic songs without permission. On Wednesday (Sept. 2), The Animals’ 1964 hit “House of the Rising Sun” was played over loudspeakers as Trump arrived at an airport in Wilmington, North Carolina, where he was en route to an...

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TikTok’s Fate Matters to the Music Industry, But Not For The Reasons You Think

TikTok’s potential U.S ban has sent alarm bells ringing throughout the creator community. Here’s how the music business is preparing for a world without it. Since early last year, TikTok has become a valuable tool for record label executives like RCA Records senior vp digital marketing Tarek Al-Hamdouni, who has secured partnerships with top influencers...

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Taylor Swift Slams Trump Over His Refusal to Fund US Postal Service: ‘Vote Early’

Taylor Swift is slamming President Donald Trump over his handling of funding for the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) ahead of the 2020 presidential election. The 30-year-old pop superstar took to Twitter on Saturday (Aug. 15) to criticize Trump over reports that he is deliberately withholding billions of dollars in funding for the USPS as part...

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