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The Amazon Music Boycott Is Growing

On Tuesday, November 26, JPEGMAFIA became the latest musician to withdraw from the lineup of Intersect, a new Las Vegas music festival funded and presented by Amazon Web Services. Representatives of the celebrated art-rapper did not provide a reason for his decision to SPIN, but it comes against the backdrop of a rising tide of protest...

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Brother of Mercy: Our 2002 Leonard Cohen Profile

This story originally appeared on SPIN’s March 2002 issue. In honor of Cohen’s posthumous album Thanks for the Dance, we’ve republished it below. In 1994, Leonard Cohen disappeared from public life. Cohen happens to be one of the most underappreciated artists in rock’n’roll history. But in the early 1990s, with works like I’m Your Man...

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Lady Gaga’s Fame Monster at 10: Five Reasons Why the Album Still Matters

Deluxe editions of successful albums with a few half-baked bonus tracks are common enough cash grabs. But most artists don’t bring 40 minutes of substantial new material, conceived and sold as a standalone project, with multiple future hits on it. Lady Gaga isn’t most artists, and The Fame Monster isn’t most albums. Instead of basking...

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MF Doom: Our 2004 Profile

This story originally appeared in SPIN’s December 2004 issue. We’ve republished it below in honor of MM..FOOD’s 15th anniversary. In a recording studio somewhere in downtown Atlanta, around ten o’clock on a warm, crickety August evening, the Crunkies are hollering. That’s what MF Doom, and his wife, Jasmine, call them, the Crunkies—as in, “If you...

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Neil Young: Our 1993 Artist of the Year

This story originally appeared in SPIN’s January 1994 issue. In honor of Young’s birthday, we’ve digitized it below. Neil Young and I were talking in the deserted parking lot of the Mountain House, a restaurant on Skyline Boulevard in the mountains above Stanford University, near La Honda, where Young lives. Although I’d driven down from...

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Girl on a Wire: Our 2000 Fiona Apple Cover Story

This cover story originally appeared in the February 2000 issue of SPIN. We’ve digitized it in honor of When the Pawn…‘s 20th anniversary. The scent of corned beef wafts through the air. LeAnn Rimes and Elton John croon softly in the background. A surly host downstairs, dark wood tables, bowls of pickles. No, this isn’t some dank...

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Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged in NY Is 25: The Meat Puppets & Bobcat Goldthwait Take Us Back

As they were exiting their posh New York hotel on the night of November 18, 1993, Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, and Krist Novoselić were met unexpectedly by a small cluster of industrious teenagers—fans who’d discovered where the band was staying, despite their rooms being covertly registered under spurious names.  Cobain, Grohl, and Novoselić—along with...

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15 Musicians Share Their Predictions for the 2019 Basketball Season

For the first time since the Golden State Warriors began their nearly unprecedented stretch of success five years ago, the NBA has no clear-cut favorite to win the title. This has allowed basketball fans—including a number of musicians—the chance to dream that their team has an opportunity to not only compete, but fight for a...

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