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30 Great TV Shows That Defined the 2010s

There is a lot of loose talk about the proverbial “algorithm” these days, and you can thank Netflix for much of it. In the mid-2000s, when it was still just a DVD rental service (and a similarly minded company like Spotify was still years away from launching), Netflix was already tuning proprietary software that went...

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2019 Emmy Nominations: Game of Thrones, Fleabag, Chernobyl , Pen15, and More

Nominations have been announced for the 2019 Emmy Awards, and, just like last year, Game of Thrones is leading the pack. Only this year, David Benioff and D.B.’s fantasy epic picked up a staggering 32 nominations—that’s ten more than last year, and the most ever nominations for a single show. The previous record holder was David Milch and Steven Bochco’s...

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A Requiem for Game of Thrones

A great meme often visualizes a sudden status change: Alonzo Mourning’s benchside anxiety, then relief. Drake shooing away one idea, only to find a more agreeable alternative. There’s a reveal or a reaction. And the greater the tension involved, the more expressive the meme. So when it comes to the legacy of Game of Thrones’ final season—maybe...

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What Does Moby’s Game of Thrones Meme Mean?

As the nation debates whether last night’s Game of Thrones finale was “an unintelligible waste of everyone’s time” or merely just “dumb as shit,” we’d like to present some analysis from Moby, in the form of a meme he appears to have created: Moby seems to be making a commentary on a notoriously violent series ending with a peace accord brokered in...

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Game of Thrones’ Final Insult Was Tyrion Messing With the Chairs

In the third episode of the third season of Game of Thrones, there is a memorable scene: a Small Council meeting presided over by Tywin Lannister. Tyrion Lannister shows up late and presumably drunk. He drags one of the big chairs in the then-new Small Council room to the opposite end of the table from his...

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Good Timing, Mitt

Mitt Romney celebrated Mother’s Day with a little arts and crafts project dedicated to his wife of 50 years, Ann Romney. As you can see, the Romneys are apparently huge Games of Thrones fans, and Mitt’s Mother’s Day tribute positions Ann as the Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) figure presiding over a brood of dragons, each one...

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Game of Thrones Gave the Hound the Ending He Deserved

Heading into the eighth season of Game of Thrones, showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss were faced with an impossible task. There was no way—given the scope of their inherited narrative, the procrastinatory tendencies of George R.R. Martin, and the impossibly high expectations of an international fanbase—that they could end their show in a way that felt both...

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Watch Florence + The Machine Debut Game Of Thrones Song “Jenny of Oldstones” Live

Last month, Florence + The Machine released their own version of the Game of Thrones classic “Jenny’s Song.” Titled “Jenny of Oldstones,” the band’s reworking was later made available on streaming platforms, and the show later created a lyric video for the song with video footage from the series. Now, Florence Welch and co. have performed...

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Taylor Swift Says Reputation Was Inspired By Game of Thrones

Earlier this week, Entertainment Weekly put Taylor Swift on the cover of their special music issue. In a lengthy interview with EW’s Alex Suskind, Swift teased her upcoming studio album by discussing her creative process, citing some of the cultural reference points that have inspired her over the past few years. Apparently, she’s a big fan of Sally...

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