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Watch Sakanaction’s ‘Wasurerarenaino’ Video Get Lego Makeover by Japanese Teen

A Japanese 7th grader has given Sakanaction‘s ’80s-inspired music video for “Wasurerarenaino” a delightful Lego makeover. Earlier this year, the young YouTuber who goes by the name of Drop — a 6th grader at the time — used his own adorable cover of the band’s hit song “Shin Takarajima” to recreate the music video in...

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Thai Hitmaker Stamp & FIVE NEW OLD’s Hiroshi Talk Asian Music Trends: Interview

Leading Thai singer-songwriter Stamp released his first major-label album in Japan, EKAMAI DREAM 1, earlier this August. A household name in his home country, the 37-year-old artist — born Apiwat Ueathavornsuk — has expressed his affinity for and deep knowledge of Japanese pop culture and has performed many times in the country, including an upcoming...

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Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE, New Girl Group BEYOOOOONDS Top Japan Hot 100

Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE shoots to No. 1 on this week’s Billboard Japan Hot 100, dated Aug. 5-11, with “SCARLET feat. Afrojack.” The latest single by the vocal and dance group nabbed the top spot despite coming in at No. 2 for physical sales, overturning the difference of 26,783 copies between the...

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Vu, Prince of Vietnamese Indie Music, Talks Influences, Taking Risks & Marriage

In almost every article that is published on music in Vietnam, the name “Vu” is always paired with “The Prince of Vietnamese Indie Music.” A few years ago, Vu’s breakthrough single, “La Lung” (Strange),” captivated his audience with an emotional outpouring of sweet and romantic lyrics coupled with his deep but gentle voice. It’s like...

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Icelandic Artist Drew Sounds From Power Plant to Compose ‘Chernobyl’ Soundtrack

Hildur Guðnadóttir went “treasure hunting” with her ears to build disturbing & melancholic soundtrack for the HBO miniseries, nominated for 19 Emmy Awards. OSLO — On the first track of the score for HBO’s chilling Chernobyl miniseries, a jazz drummer seems to jam away on a long and complicated drum solo. But no jazz drummer...

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WINNER’s Jinu Releases First Solo Single ‘Call Anytime’ Featuring Mino: Watch the Music Video

Jinu of K-pop boy band WINNER dropped his first solo song today (Aug. 14), in the form of the groovy lovelorn “Call Anytime.” Featuring fellow WINNER member and rapper Mino, the 27-year-old Jinu (Kim Jin-woo) spends the entirety of “Call Anytime” relaying a hopeless approach to romance, expressing how he’s waiting for the call from...

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BTS Rep Calls Band Hiatus ‘A Brief, But Well-Deserved Vacation’

A representative for K-pop superstar group BTS said Tuesday the boy band is taking a break, but it will only be brief. BTS’s rep told The Associated Press that the seven-member group will take a “well-deserved vacation.” It was recently reported that BTS will head on an “extended” hiatus, but the group’s rep said that’s...

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Local Hip-Hop Duo Karpe Closes Out 2019 Oya Festival in Norway With Emotional Show Under Heavy Rain

OSLO — On a day of when an attempted terrorist attack on a mosque here put Norwegians on edge, the country’s biggest live act, the hip-hop duo Karpe, took the stage Saturday (Aug. 10) and closed out the 2019 Øya Festival with a passionate message on racism and the immigrant experience. The festival, celebrating its...

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‘Shin Godzilla’ Limited-Edition Guitars On Sale in Japan

Last October, Toshihiko Takamizawa of the veteran J-pop trio THE ALFEE collaborated with guitar maker ESP and the movie Shin Godzilla to bring the one and only “ESP GODZILLA Takamiy model” electric guitar into the world. The flamboyant long-haired guitarist of the legendary pop-folk group is a known fan of the 65-year-old Godzilla franchise and honorary...

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