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MTV Unplugged Turns 30: Here Are the 30 Best Performances

Long ago, in the days before there were multiple MTVs glutted with reality shows about sexually active teens, network producers came up with a concept that was novel for the time: Inspired by Bon Jovi’s acoustic performance at the 1989 Video Music Awards, they planned to lure some of the music world’s top talent to...

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The 40 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time

This article originally appeared in the September 2002 issue of SPIN. From Black Sabbath to Korn, here is the definitive list of records to break your mother’s heart (unless your mother happens to be Lita Ford). 40. Spinal Tap – This Is Spinal Tap and Tenacious D – Tenacious D Metal’s tough to satirize—even when...

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Watch Korn’s New Video for “Can You Hear Me”

Korn have released a new song called “Can You Hear Me,” the third from their upcoming album The Nothing. The track follows two earlier singles—”You’ll Never Find Me” and “Cold“—and arrives with an accompanying music video. The video opens with audio sample of a voice shouting, “It’s time people wake the fuck up!” before diving...

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Korn Is Going to Rock a Monster-Filled Virtual Concert in Two Video Games

Korn has announced via Twitter that they’ll be playing a “video game battle concert.” A video game version of the band will perform in the massively multiplayer online role playing games AdventureQuest 3D and the game’s 2D version, AdventureQuest Worlds, on Tuesday, August 20, at “sundown EST.” The games’ developer, Artix Entertainment, teased the event as “the most brutal...

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Korn – “Cold”

Korn have shared the second single from their forthcoming album The Nothing, the punishing anthem “Cold.” The new song follows the release of the lead single (withaccompanying Andzej Gavriss-directed video) “You’ll Never Find Me,” which arrived last month. The Nothing, the band’s first album since 2016’s The Serenity of Suffering, will be released on September 13 via Roadrunner Records/Elektra. The Serenity of...

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The 69 Best Alternative Rock Songs of 1999

1999 essentially marked the end of the alternative dream floated by punk bands in the ’80s, sold by record companies in the ’90s, and eventually rebooted in the Garden State ’00s. Five years earlier, alternative-minded Gen-Xers made Woodstock ’94 their own by throwing mud (Green Day) or wearing mud (Nine Inch Nails). Woodstock ’99 was,...

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Watch Korn’s New Music Video for “You’ll Never Find Me”

Korn have released the music video for “You’ll Never Find Me”—the first offering from their forthcoming album The Nothing. Latvian experimental filmmaker Andzej Gaviss directed the video, which more or less defies description, though it appears to involve a blue meteor shard with mysterious aging properties infecting a scientist with some kind of green, mossy substance. It’s a...

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Korn Announce New Album THE NOTHING, Release “You’ll Never Find Me”

Korn have announced a new album, titled THE NOTHING. The new record, the band’s first since 2016’s The Serenity of Suffering, will be released September 13 via Roadrunner Records/Elektra. In a press statement, frontman Jonathan Davis described the new record thusly: “Deep, within our Earth lives an extraordinary force. Very few are aware of the magnitude and significance of this place...

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10 Essential Korn Songs

When the cocaine- and sex-fueled bubble of ’80s metal and pop finally burst, grunge was the appropriate sonic hangover. Its sonorous, heroin-influenced sound bed lent itself (wrongly or not) to drifting deeper into one’s own psyche, opening doors to more introspective lyrical themes. Its influence encouraged practitioners of late-’90s nu metal (a moniker that has...

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Mike Huckabee Was Feeling Like a Freak on a Leash This Weekend

What else is there to say about the image you see above, of Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch stroking his seven-string while former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee lays down the low notes? We can start by explaining that the two were performing an instrumental rendition of Korn’s first single “Blind.” Huckabee, for those of you...

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