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Ousted Grammy Chief Files Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Complaint Against Recording Academy

Recording Academy president/CEO Deborah Dugan filed a discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on Tuesday (Jan. 21), after she was placed on administrative leave on Jan. 16 amid allegations of workplace bullying. According to her complaint, Dugan sent an email to the Academy’s managing director Shonda Grant on Dec. 22 detailing sexual harassment,...

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Ousted Grammy Chief Deborah Dugan Adds Harvey Weinstein Accuser’s Lawyer to Legal Team

Deborah Dugan has added experienced New York employment litigator Douglas Wigdor to her legal team, Billboard has confirmed. Wigdor declined to elaborate on any litigation plans.  Wigdor is currently representing a Jane Doe who will testify in the criminal trial against Harvey Weinstein. According to Wigdor, his client will testify that she was raped by...

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Prince Wrongful Death Case Dismissed; Estate Case Continues

A wrongful death lawsuit filed by Prince’s family members has been quietly dismissed in recent months, suggesting family members have reached settlements with defendants including the Minnesota doctor who saw Prince in the weeks before his death and the Illinois hospital that treated him for an opioid overdose seven days before he died. The dismissals...

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Ariana Grande Accused of Ripping Off ‘7 Rings’ Chorus in New Copyright Suit

Singer-songwriter Josh Stone claims the pop star lifted key elements from his 2017 track ‘You Need I Got It.’ A new legal battle is heating up for Ariana Grande over her massive single “7 Rings.” Singer, songwriter and producer Josh Stone, who performs under the name DOT, has sued Grande for allegedly ripping off the...

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Ed Sheeran Ordered to Disclose Concert Income for Copyright Lawsuit

A judge rejects the argument that an ASCAP license legitimized performance of “Thinking Out Loud.” Does Ed Sheeran have an absolute right to perform “Thinking Out Loud” at concert? Depending on the outcome of a copyright lawsuit, he very well may lack such right to perform one of his biggest hits, according to a decision...

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Music Producer Says His Rights Were ‘Stolen’ After a Stroke in Lawsuit Against Publishers

Michael Stokes says a “Good Samaritan” in the music industry told him others were profiting from his work. Music producer Michael Stokes is suing several major publishers in a copyright dispute that alleges his signature was forged and his rights stolen while he was incapacitated following a stroke.  Stokes, a Grammy-nominated producer, composer and musician...

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Musicologists Come to Katy Perry’s Defense in ‘Dark Horse’ Case: Verdict Is ‘Inhibiting the Work of Songwriters’

Fifteen experts filed a brief claiming the jury in the case ignored court instructions and found wrongly in the plaintiffs’ favor. Katy Perry’s defense team has enlisted several prominent musicologists in its plea to overturn last year’s verdict against the singer for copyright infringement, according to new documents filed in U.S. District Court in California....

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R. Kelly Girlfriend Joycelyn Savage Pleads Not Guilty to Battery Charge

A fight between two of R. Kelly’s girlfriends inside the embattled singer’s Trump Tower condominium led to a domestic battery charge against one of them and sent the other to the hospital, Chicago police said Thursday (Jan. 9). Joycelyn Savage, 24, was taken into custody after allegedly punching a 22-year-old woman in the face Wednesday, police said. She...

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R. Kelly Girlfriend Joycelyn Savage Charged After Fight at Singer’s Condo

The domestic battery charge came after Savage reportedly punched one of Kelly’s other live-in girlfriends in the face on Wednesday. A fight between two of R. Kelly’s girlfriends inside the embattled singer’s Trump Tower condominium has led to a domestic battery charge against one of the women and sent the other to the hospital, Chicago police said...

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