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TikTok Settles Child Privacy Class-Action Suit for $1.1 Million

The video-sharing app and its associated companies were accused of violating child privacy laws by selling minors’ personal data. Just days after TikTok was hit with a class-action lawsuit over alleged child-privacy violations, the video-sharing service has reached an all-cash $1.1 million settlement in the case, according to a new motion filed in U.S. District...

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TikTok Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Over Child Privacy Violations

The video-sharing app previously settled a child-privacy complaint brought by the Federal Trade Commission. With its legal woes continuing to mount, TikTok is in trouble once again over alleged child-privacy violations.  Less than a year after the video-sharing app — which was subsumed into TikTok in August 2018 — reached a $5.7 million settlement with the...

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R. Kelly Charged With Using Bribes to Buy Fake ID for Aaliyah Before Marriage

Prosecutors in New York City hit indicted singer R. Kelly with new bribery charges Thursday that appear to be related to his 1994 marriage to a teenager. A revised indictment in federal court in Brooklyn accuses R. Kelly of scheming with others to pay for a “fraudulent identification document” for someone identified only as “Jane...

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6ix9ine Prosecutors Recommend Reduced Sentencing

Department of Justice attorneys asked a judge to go easy when sentencing 6ix9ine in light of his cooperation in a criminal investigation and assistance in a trial that ultimately resulted in convictions. DOJ attorneys filed a memo on Thursday (Dec. 5) requesting Judge Paul Engelmayer, who is overseeing 6ix9ine’s case, impose a sentence below the...

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Former Vice Canada Music Editor Sentenced to Nine Years for Drug Smuggling

Slava Pastuk recruited young, aspiring musicians, promoters and models he met through his job to become drug mules. Former Vice music editor Yaroslav Pastukhov was sentenced to eight years and 252 days in prison on Tuesday, his attorney has confirmed with Billboard. The 28-year-old known in the industry as Slava Pastuk, was editor of Vice’s music-focused...

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Ramones Heirs Reach Truce in Bitter Trademark Dispute

After a year of arbitration, Joey Ramone’s brother and Johnny Ramone’s wife have come to terms over the use of the name Ramone. The two heirs to The Ramones‘ legacy appear to have reached a truce in their bitter dispute over treatment of the band’s legacy following an arduous and lengthy arbitration. Legal proceedings between...

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Genius Says It Caught Google, LyricFind ‘Redhanded’ Stealing Lyrics in $400M Suit

The music lyrics site used a digital watermark to see if other sites were copying its product — and it spelled “redhanded” in Morse code. Lyrics site Genius on Tuesday sued Google and LyricFind for $400 million, alleging they’ve been misappropriating its transcriptions for years.  The site became suspicious after noticing lyrics to Desiigner​’s 2016...

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Universal Music Group Can’t Halt Discovery in 2008 Masters Fire Lawsuit

A California federal judge has ruled Universal Music Group (UMG) must hand over requested discovery evidence in the class action lawsuit brought by Soundgarden, Tom Whalley (trustee of the Afeni Shakur Trust), Jane Petty and Steve Earle, who say their master recordings were destroyed or damaged in the June 1, 2008, fire at the Universal...

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Disney Hit With Anti-Trust Complaint in South Korea Over ‘Frozen 2’ ‘Monopoly’

A South Korean civic group has filed a complaint with local prosecutors against the Walt Disney Company, claiming that Frozen 2 violated the country’s antitrust act by showing on 88 percent of domestic movie screens. Since its release Nov. 23, Frozen 2 has earned $61.2 million in Korea. The sizable haul makes Korea the film’s third-largest market worldwide, trailing...

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Marc Jacobs Countersues Nirvana Over Smiley Face

Marc Jacobs has doubts that Kurt Cobain created a smiley face design that is the subject of an ongoing legal fight. On Tuesday, via counterclaims against Nirvana, the fashion designer seeks a declaration that the band’s copyright registration is invalid and unenforceable. The move comes after a California federal court allowed Nirvana to move forward in a...

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