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Veteran Agents Use Profit-Sharing Model to Launch Arrival Artists

Arrival Artists is the latest project to emerge optimistic as the COVID-19 pandemic pummels the live music industry and brings major music agencies to a standstill. But the disruption to the business also provides a moment to reflect on the limitations within the current agency business and to also develop new models that could potentially...

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Justice Dept. to File Landmark Antitrust Case Against Google

The case is expected to be filed in federal court in Washington, D.C., and will allege it has been abusing its online dominance in online search to stifle competition and harm consumers, the person familiar with the matter told the AP. It will also allege that Google uses billions collected from advertisers to pay phone...

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ICM Partners Taps Julia Johnson as General Counsel

ICM pledged to reach 50-50 gender parity by the year 2020, with an emphasis on the leadership ranks, in Dec. 2017. Johnson replaces longtime ICM general counsel Rick Levy, who announced earlier this year he would be leaving the agency by the end of the year. “We did a long and thorough search to fill this vitally...

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Andrea Nelson Meigs Joins UTA as Partner

“Andrea is known for her keen eye for developing and amplifying extraordinary voices,” said agency co-president David Kramer. “In addition to her outstanding work on behalf of today’s most respected artists, she is a true leader who has made lasting contributions to the industry at large. We know that she will bring a vital perspective...

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Zhu Sued for $3.5 Million by Collaborator David Dann in Commissions Spat

Dann alleges that during this time, Zhu presented Dann with, as the complaint describes, “a melody for what would later become the topline for a song called ‘Faded.’ Plaintiff believed the topline had great potential and agreed to work on the song with Zhu. Plaintiff and Zhu finished the song ‘Faded’ and released it on...

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Memphis Rapper Who Bragged About Getting Rich Through Unemployment Fraud Arrested

The investigation found that 92 debit cards pre-loaded with more than $1.2 million in fraudulently obtained benefits were mailed to addresses in Beverly Hills and Koreatown that Baines had access to, according to an affidavit submitted by the Department of Justice. Baines was not shy about having an abundance of cash on hand. In a...

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Really Want to Rock the Vote? Try Volunteering (Guest Column)

Since then, I’ve been spending many late East Coast evenings doing volunteer work for the campaign call crew. The call crew is made up of tens of thousands of citizens from all over the country who call into swing states to track down voters, find out who they are voting for and encourage them to...

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Judge Allows Apple to Continue to Block ‘Fortnite’ From App Store

“Having reviewed the limited record, while Epic Games raises serious questions on the merits, the Court cannot conclude that Epic Games will likely succeed on the merits of those claims,” Gonzalez Rogers wrote in her decision. “Too many unknowns remain.” Though Fortnite players will not be able to download or update the game on Apple...

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Britney Spears’ Capacity Called Into Question as Lawyer Defends Lack of Direct Testimony

Still, accusations that Jamie was effectively holding the singer legally hostage continued to gain traction with fans this summer after Ingham, in an Aug. 17 filing, indicated Britney no longer wanted her father to be the sole conservator of her estate and was “strongly opposed” to him being reinstated as the conservator of her person....

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BMG Eliminates ‘Unacceptable’ Royalty Deduction, Other Labels Urged to Follow

But with vinyl on the rise and the CD still holding on, Billboard estimates the control composition clause potentially short-changed songwriters by $15 million in the U.S. last year. “It is unacceptable for the record industry to continue to apply deal terms which are solely designed to reduce the incomes of musicians,” BMG CEO Hartwig...

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