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Madonna Collaborator Patrick Leonard Shares Original Like A Prayer Demos

Madonna’s former art advisor and friend Darlene Lutz is auctioning off a bunch of the star’s personal items, including a 1995 breakup letter from Tupac and cassette tapes featuring unreleased demos and recordings. Madonna has been trying to stop the unauthorized auction for two years now, but she failed, and there are currently over 70...

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Video: Madonna – “Batuka” (ft. Orquestra Batukadeiras)

Madonna has released a new video for “Batuka” from her latest album Madame X. Set on an island off the coast of Portugal, where Madonna wrote and recorded much of the LP, the visual highlights the Capa Verdean musical and dance tradition of batuque. It features singing, drumming, and dancing from the all-women Orquestra Batukadeiras, a collection of...

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Parkland Survivor Emma González Does Not Like Madonna’s “God Control” Video

Madonna’s new video for “God Control” from her latest album Madame X was bound to spark controversy. The clip recreates a nightclub shooting, recalling the 2016 massacre at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub, in graphic detail. Emma González, a survivor of the 2018 shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida who has since advocated prominently...

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Madonna Advocates for Gun Control in Graphic New “God Violence” Video

Madonna has released a graphic new video for “God Violence,” a track off her new album Madame X. The extended clip is directed by controversial and prolific music video director Jonas Åkerlund, who has worked with Madonna many times previously (including on the Grammy-winning video for “Ray of Light”). The “God Violence” video centers around a...

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Video: Madonna – “Dark Ballet”

Madonna has released a new song from her upcoming album Madame X. “Dark Ballet” arrives with its own Emmanuel Adjei-directed music video, which features Mykki Blanco in character as Joan of Arc. In a press statement accompanying the video, Madonna says that she’s long been attracted Joan of Arc as a fearless female figure. “She...

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Madonna Says She Felt “Raped” by New York Times Magazine Profile

Madonna was the subject of a complex and thoughtful profile in the latest issue of the New York Times Magazine, which ran under the headline “Madonna at 60,” and contained extended sections about identity, motherhood, and aging. The pop icon evidently did not like the way writer Vanessa Grigoriadis portrayed her and discussed her work, especially as it...

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Madonna Says Harvey Weinstein “Crossed Lines” While Working on Truth or Dare

Madonna is the subject of a massive new 8,000 word profile in the New York Times Magazine ahead of the release next week of her 14th studio album Madame X. The author shadows the Queen of Pop at the Glaad Awards and at rehearsal for the Billboard Music Awards one month later, and spends time at Madonna’s London home for...

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10 Tours That Changed the World

This article originally appeared in the July 2001 issue of SPIN.  Live performance predates recorded music by, well, about 3 million years. But we had our hands full just looking through the past 50 to find the most important tours in pop music. Can a rock concert change the world? Yes. For the better? Not necessarily....

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