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Michael Stipe Releases New Solo Single “Drive To The Ocean” to Protest Climate Change

R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe has released his second solo single. “Drive to the Ocean” follows “Your Capricious Soul,” his first-ever solo song from back in October, and arrives with an accompanying music video. The Stipe-directed clip places the song in a murky, yellow setting, with a group of three shoreside figures mournfully staring out at...

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R.E.M.’s 25th Anniversary Edition of Monster and Its Previously Unreleased Demos Are Here At Last

The deluxe 25th anniversary box set of R.E.M.‘s Monster is finally here. The release arrived a little more than a month after the quadruple-platinum album marked its anniversary on September 27. First announced in early September, the box set features 64 tracks across six discs. Along with the original album, the band have included a whole disc of previously unreleased...

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Michael Stipe Reads Vedic Scripture, Buys Dog Food in Bulk, and Has Great Taste in Shelves

R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe answered a series of vaguely impersonal questions about everything from his worst habits to his taste in art in a new interview with The New York Times’ style magazine, T. Most of the prompts in the magazine’s Artist’s Questionnaire—the contents of which remain static from interviewee to interviewee—have to do with the subject’s internal creative life: “How many hours of creative work do...

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R.E.M. Strip Down Their Kurt Cobain Tribute “Let Me In” With a New Remix

R.E.M. have released a remix of their Kurt Cobain tribute “Let Me In” from the band’s 1984 album, Monster. The new version cleans up the original, stripping away the organ and elevating Michael Stipe’s vocals to the top of the mix. Stipe told BBC that the song’s transformation reflects his grieving process, as well as the...

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12 Best Rock Star Cameos on The Simpsons

It’s become a badge of honor for athletes, rockers, authors, astronauts, actors, politicians, and pop culture icons to get The Simpsons treatment. And on October 13, it’s Queen’s turn to appear on TV’s longest running scripted show. The Fox animated comedy, currently in its 31st season, will give a nod to the legendary group in the...

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Michael Stipe Releases First-Ever Solo Single to Protest Climate Change

Michael Stipe has released his first-ever solo single, “Your Capricious Soul.” The track was announced on his website on October 2, and was released on Saturday, October 5 to help promote Extinction Rebellion’s upcoming “International Rebellion” climate justice protests set to take place October 7. “I took a long break from music, and I wanted...

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Michael Stipe Is Finally Releasing Some of That Solo Material He’s Been Teasing

Former R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe has announced that will be releasing his first solo single, “Your Capricious Soul,” via his website on Saturday, October 5, timed to coincide with October 7’s climate justice protests. Stipe has been playing the song live for awhile, but now he’s ready to give it a formal release. The download will cost...

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R.E.M Share Previously Unreleased Track to Benefit Hurricane Dorian Relief

R.E.M have shared the previously unreleased song “Fascinating” to benefit the non-profit Mercy Corps’ hurricane Dorian relief efforts. Michael Stipe, Mike Mills, and Peter Buck recorded “Fascinating” in 2004 at Compass Point Studios in Nassau. The song is available on R.E.M.’s Bandcamp page for $2 or a donation of the fan’s choosing. “Fascinating” was originally...

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R.E.M. Announce Deluxe 25th Anniversary Reissue of Monster

R.E.M. have announced a massive 25th reissue of their 1994 album Monster, the latest in the band’s ongoing series of 25th anniversary archival reissues. The six-disc reissue will be released on November 1 and includes a new mix of the album by its original producer Scott Litt. The new mix showcases Michael Stipe’s vocals more...

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The 69 Best Alternative Rock Songs of 1999

1999 essentially marked the end of the alternative dream floated by punk bands in the ’80s, sold by record companies in the ’90s, and eventually rebooted in the Garden State ’00s. Five years earlier, alternative-minded Gen-Xers made Woodstock ’94 their own by throwing mud (Green Day) or wearing mud (Nine Inch Nails). Woodstock ’99 was,...

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