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Yungblud Wants His ‘The Underrated Youth’ EP To Be ‘A Trust Exercise’

Yungblud’s new EP is called The Underrated Youth, because that’s exactly who it’s for. “We aren’t just bratty kids screaming for attention,” the Doncaster, England-born 22-year-old tells Billboard. “We genuinely give a fuck about the world and the place we live in and what is right and what is true. This EP says the future...

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Judas Priest’s Rob Halford Shares ‘Morning Star’ From His ‘Heavy Metal Holiday Family’ Album

After a second Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination earlier this week, Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford has every reason to be in a festive mood. And he turns that bonhomie to the holidays with the Oct. 18 release of Celestial, whose lyric video for the new track “Morning Star” is premiering exclusively below. The...

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Michael Kiwanuka Geeked Out On a ’70s Synth and Poetry While Making His New Album

After Michael Kiwanuka released his second album in 2016, its psychedelic track “Cold Little Heart” soundtracked the opening credits of HBO’s Big Little Lies, becoming one of the most recognizable songs on TV and expanding Kiwanuka’s U.S. fan base. For his third album, Kiwanuka (out Nov. 1 on Polydor Records), the London-based troubadour turned inward, dusting...

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Watch Twenty One Pilots Strip ‘The Hype’ Down in Pitch-Perfect Location Sessions Video

If you’ve been obsessed with the funky drummer slap and slow-rolling soul of Twenty One Pilots‘ “The Hype,” then you might have a new on-repeat favorite once you hear the Trench track stripped down to bare bones in the duo’s latest “Løcatiøn Sessiøns” video. The clip, which dropped on Thursday (Oct. 17), finds singer Tyler Joseph...

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Watch Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Freak Out After Meeting His Maggot Twin

Meeting people is easy, especially when they are wearing a super-convincing version of one of your stage outfits. That’s the lesson Slipknot singer Corey Taylor learned recently when he ran into a shockingly spot-on Maggot doppelgänger at a backstage meet-and-greet. In a video posted by a fan account, Taylor is seemingly spooked when he spots a fan...

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Rob Zombie, Type O Negative and Cradle of Filth Say Billie Eilish’s Metal Mash-Up Shirt Rocks Hard

You can add another bold-faced name to the Billie Eilish fan club because Rob Zombie has officially given the teen star the heavy metal salute. The reasons are, admittedly, a bit selfish, but the macabre hard rocker gave a digital thumbs up to Billie recently after she wore a custom shirt sewn together from concert tees...

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Elton John Remembers John Lennon and Other Highlights From His iHeartRadio Interview

As Elton John continues on his publicity tour for his riveting autobiography Me, out now, he stopped by iHeartRadio’s intimate theater in Burbank, Calif., Wednesday night (Oct. 16) for an interview with on-air personality Jim Kerr to share stories from his life and perform selected songs in his vast catalog.  John, clad in a Carolina-blue embroidered...

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‘Mystify’ Documentary About INXS’ Michael Hutchence Will Have One-Night U.S. Theater Showing

Hutchence’s longtime friend Richard Lowenstein shares a deep look into the late singer’s life, loves, ambitions — and an assault that changed him forever. Michael Hutchence’s attention spans the trees while walking through an olive grove. He can’t help but focus on how these ancient shrubs were nearly “immortal.” Untouched, some can even live over...

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