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Tool’s Maynard James Keenan Has a Not-So-Nice Message for Coronavirus Deniers

Keenan, whose musical project Puscifer is releasing new album Existential Reckoning on Oct. 30, did later note that prior to hopping on the flight, he got a mask to wear. After arriving in New Zealand, the musician said that he stayed in his hotel for four days because the band had a few days off....

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Stevie Nicks Says Viral ‘Dreams’ TikTok Has ‘Blown My Mind’ After Charts Resurgence

“Dreams” has surged thanks to the viral TikTok video featuring the track, in which Idahoan Nathan Apodaca rides his longboard while drinking a large bottle of Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice. The clip became so popular that the band’s Mick Fleetwood and Nicks have since created their own tribute clips. Nicks is currently promoting her new...

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The Strokes Are Going to Rock ‘Saturday Night Live’ on Halloween

The Strokes also shared the show’s announcement on social media, simply posting SNL‘s image of the date, host and musical guest pinned to a corkboard. They did not caption any of the images. The band released their latest album, The New Abnormal, on April 10. The rockers last appeared on NBC’s late-night sketch comedy show...

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Jack White Buys Busker a New Guitar After It Was Smashed by Passerby

The staff told him that he had a call from a “third party,” which turned out to be White’s manager, because the White Stripes star heard about Grant’s situation and asked his management to try to find him by ringing every guitar shop in the city. “Incredible,” Grant updated his GoFundMe page. “Jack White from The...

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The Four Seasons Sign 10-Year Marketing and Admin Deal With Primary Wave

Primary Wave Music Publishing has struck a “multi-million-dollar,” 10-year strategic partnership with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees The Four Seasons, the publishing company announced today (Oct. 23). The marketing and administration deal is with the band’s lead singer Frankie Valli and keyboardist Bob Gaudio, the two surviving members of the band’s founding four;...

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The 13 Best Things That Happened in Music This Week (October 23)

Justin Bieber gave a moving SNL performance The Biebs returned to Saturday Night Live for the second time this year (he was also the musical guest in February) and gave fans two emotional performances of his songs “Holy” and “Lonely” on Saturday (Oct. 17). Bieber also received assists from his collaborators Chance the Rapper and...

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20 Questions With Wallows: Here’s What They Think About Everything From ‘Are You Bored Yet’ to Zillow

Ahead of the EP’s release, Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston took turns answering 20 questions for Billboard. Below, they weigh in on everything from the unexpected success of “Are You Bored Yet” to the importance of voting in this election. 1. What’s the first piece of music that you bought for yourself, and...

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From Beastie Boys to Shaggy to 24KGoldn, 19 Songs That Have Made Both Billboard’s Rock and Rap Charts

When it comes to genre airplay, rap/rock or rap/alt compounds were most often claimed by one format or the other, with very few making an impact on both — and those that did usually had a lower ceiling on each format, due to their hybrid nature. Before 2016, no song had even made the top...

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Machine Gun Kelly & Halsey Plead With Each Other to ‘Forget Me Too’ in Music Video

Machine Gun Kelly and Halsey can’t seem to let go of each other in the official “Forget Me Too” music video, released Thursday (Oct. 22). In the Philip Andelman-directed clip, a Magic 8-Ball tortures the two with their ex’s memory. Despite their efforts to destroy their memories and not look back at what once was, MGK...

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