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Grammys 2020: Aerosmith Rocks the Grammys With Run-DMC

And that’s how it’s done! Aerosmith returned to the Grammys stage during the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, January 26. The performance came nearly three decades after their debut at the 1991 ceremony. Aerosmith, who were honored with MusiCares Person of the Year Award for their philanthropy the day before, performed a two-song set...

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WeWork Employees Treated to DMC Performance and Tequila After CEO Detailed Mass Layoffs

It’s unlikely that anyone who has recently survived a massive layoff has said to him or herself, “What would make me feel better right now is watching a hip-hop pioneer perform hits at an all-hands meeting where our CEO is taking tequila shots.” And yet, that’s what apparently happened at WeWork in 2016. Here is a...

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10 Tours That Changed the World

This article originally appeared in the July 2001 issue of SPIN.  Live performance predates recorded music by, well, about 3 million years. But we had our hands full just looking through the past 50 to find the most important tours in pop music. Can a rock concert change the world? Yes. For the better? Not necessarily....

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