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The Who Debut “Break the News” and “She Rocked My World” at London Club

While The Who dropped their latest album, Who, last December, fans haven’t had the chance to hear many of those songs live. That is, until now. The legendary rockers debuted “Break the News” and “She Rocked My World” at PRYZM in London earlier this week. Since it’s been years since they’ve played small club shows, the energy was very...

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Roger Daltrey Wisely Nixed a Rap Pete Townshend Wrote for The Who’s New Album

The Who frontman Roger Daltrey  told Billboard that WHO, the band’s first album in 13 years, almost contained a rap part. According to Daltrey, guitarist Pete Townshend wrote a rap portion in the new album’s opening track “All This Music Must Fade,” which the frontman refused to perform. Granted, we can’t help but be morbidly...

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12 Best Rock Star Cameos on The Simpsons

It’s become a badge of honor for athletes, rockers, authors, astronauts, actors, politicians, and pop culture icons to get The Simpsons treatment. And on October 13, it’s Queen’s turn to appear on TV’s longest running scripted show. The Fox animated comedy, currently in its 31st season, will give a nod to the legendary group in the...

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The 35 Greatest Rock and Roll TV Moments Before the ’90s

A version of this article originally appeared in the August 1990 issue of SPIN. 1. January 28, 1956:Elvis Presley appeared on the Dorsey Brothers Stage Show. Quincy Jones: “If you want to know the exact moment that rock’n’roll started, it was right then.” 2. April 3, 1956:Elvis Presley appeared on The Milton Berle Show. Filmed aboard...

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The Who’s New Song “All This Music Must Fade” Is About Copyright Lawsuits

The Who’s lead singer Roger Daltrey shares a tongue-in-cheek comment right away in the band’s latest single “All This Music Must Fade” released today (Oct. 3): “I don’t care / I know you’re gonna hate this song / And that said / We never really get along.” The confrontational track takes on a creatively and...

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The Who Detail New Album Who, Release “Ball and Chain”

The Who are back who-ing. The legendary British rock band have announced details about their 12th studio album, simply entitled Who (why the hell not?), and released its first single “Ball and Chain.” The bluesy, heavily orchestrated number is a protest song about Guantanamo Bay, or “that pretty piece of Cuba/designed to cause men pain.” The band has been...

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Keith Richards: SPIN’s 1985 Cover Story, A Stone Unturned

This article originally appeared in the October 1985 issue of SPIN. It’s been 20 years since the time was right for fighting in the streets. Have mercy, baby, but it was 2,000 light-years ago that those thin, nimble but hard, defiant fingers introduced him as a man of wealth and taste. He’s been around for some...

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Watch The Who Bring Out Eddie Vedder to Play “The Punk and the Godfather” in London

The Who set out on their Moving On! tour back in May, with dates in North America and Europe. Last night, the group brought the orchestral tour to London, where they performed at Wembley Stadium. During their set, the band was joined by Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder, who helped them perform the Quadrophenia track “The Punk and...

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The Who, Neil Young, Jawbreaker Recordings Also Believed Lost in Universal Music Fire

Two weeks ago, The New York Times Magazine published an explosive report detailing hundreds of thousands of recordings that Universal Music Group believed were lost in a 2008 warehouse fire at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, unbeknownst to the artists themselves. The vault in question stored master tapes for a tragic number of the 20th century’s most popular musicians,...

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