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Video: Vivian Girls – “Sludge”

Recently reunited lo-fi faves Vivian Girls have released a new song and accompanying video titled “Sludge.” It’s the latest single from the band’s forthcoming album Memory and finds the group exploring a slower, woozier rhythm than previous singles “Sick” and “Something to Do.” Alex Ross Perry directed the VHS-grade visual and said in a statement...

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Vivian Girls – “Something To Do”

The newly reformed Vivian Girls have released the second single from their forthcoming album Memory. “Something To Do” is gauzy, sun-soaked, and guitar-forward, and comes along with a fittingly grungy music video directed by Jason Lester. “I’m looking for something to do,” sings Cassie Ramone, reflecting on a broken relationship. “But the world offers me nothing without you.” “Something...

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Vivian Girls Announce Reunion, New Album, Reissues, and Tour

Vivian Girls are back. The well-loved Brooklyn lo-fi trio, which formally split in 2014, just announced a reunion that will include a new album, a U.S. tour, and reissues of their out-of-print first two records. Memory, the band’s fourth album and first since 2011, will be released September 20 via Polyvinyl. They’ve released “Sick,” the first single, today. The reunited...

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